Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any other services besides lawn edging?

At this time, we only offer lawn edging services.

Do I have to sign a contract or have recurring service?

No and no! We are happy to visit you for a one time service to get your edges under control OR visit on a recurring basis. No contract needed!

Do you accept cash? Must I prepay?

We do not accept cash. We only accept online payment prior to service completion. After your free estimate is completed, you will be sent an online invoice with the quoted service charge. Once the invoice is paid, edging services will be provided within the next five business days.

What's included in the quoted price?

A complete and detailed edging of your lawn and all associated cleanup is included. All major edge clippings and dirt will be hauled away. We finish by "leaf blowing" all hard surfaces around the edged area.

Why should I have my lawn edges professionally serviced?

Homeowners typically have the ability to maintain their edges in a sufficient manner as long as there is no major overgrowth. However, there are times where edges are so overgrown that typical homeowner equipment will not get the job done. That's where we come in! We have commercial grade super powered tools that are tough enough to tackle any job. Getting your lawn edges under control is one of the easiest ways to immediately boost your yard's appearance.


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